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Why to Book your Next Vacation Early...

I'm the queen of last minute planning. I love planning, and I'm pretty detail oriented, but I tend to save those skills for the last second, HA! We booked our 2020 Disney trip just two months before we went on it. I tend to have an idea on a whim and I go for it, like the weekend we decided 2 hours before we left, to go on a cross-state roadtrip.

However, the more we've traveled, and the more I've helped other families travel, I've learned just how important it is to book your major trips in advance, and I'm talking with plenty of time. There is definitely a time and place to go somewhere on a whim, but the benefits too booking your vacations early are just too good to ignore.

So let's talk about the benefits to booking early...

  1. You get better deals... When booking Disney, Cruises, All-Inclusive, or any other trip you will most likely score better deals. I currently am getting offers from all sorts of resorts, cruise lines, etc. for some of the best deals we will see for those that book early for 2024. Seriously! Recently I had a cruise line offer incredibly low rates AND the 3rd and 4th person to book would travel free. I can guarantee that prices like that won't be around the closer we get. As these travel dates approach capacities begin to fill, the demand begins to increase, and prices increase. It's just the way it works! Even if you don't score the best deal, booking in advance gives you the opportunity to be on the look-out for the best deals, and often times you can call on an already booked vacation and have those rates applied to your trip! (This isn't always the case, but I've seen it happen a lot!) The best part about booking with a travel agent is that they are looking for these types of deals for you and they are often alerted to it first!

  2. You can make payments...When you book a trip at the last second, it typically has to be paid in full. And that can be a large chunk of change at one time! Booking a trip further in advance allows you to make payments and avoid paying out all of the money at one time, or even worse going into debt to make it happen. Making payments makes the price of the vacation more manageable in that it can be spread out in smaller and easier to manage pieces.

  3. You actually book the vacation... It's so easy to talk about wanting to go on a vacation, but its another to get the ball rolling and do it. Booking your trip in advance actually sets in motion the trip. There has been so many times we've talked about going on certain trips, but we just never do. Setting out and booking your trip further in advance helps put your dreams into a manageable reality.

  4. You can better plan out your trip and make it even more incredible... Last minute trips can be so spontaneous and fun, but sometimes they aren't everything they could've been. When we planned our last minute Disney trip in 2020 there were 2 major reasons I wish we would've booked further in advance, and that was 1. we didn't really know everything that went into a Disney vacation so we missed out on some really neat experiences and 2. we didn't book far enough ahead to score some of the dining reservations or other activities that sell out quickly. Booking and planning your vacation ahead allows you time to research, book, and really plan to make it the best vacation possible.

As a travel agency, we love seeing people make memories. Truly, we believe that the gift of experiences is incredibly special. We can help you book the vacation of your dreams for 2024. Let's get started now!

Meet the author...

Hi, I'm Nicole Gonzales. Travel agent, boy mom, theme park enthusiast, and planning maniac. I am passionate about helping families, especially those with young ones and on a budget, travel and make all the memories. We love going to theme parks, and especially taking our couples trips to Universal in Florida. We went on a (very delayed, HA) honeymoon to Universal in Florida for a week, and we've been working on going back ever since. I truly believe that traveling and making memories is for everyone. I'd love to help you book your next vacation.


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