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Cruising Misconceptions

Do you enjoy traveling to multiple destinations but just hate the thought

of having to unpack multiple times? Perhaps an ocean cruise is for you? Except for river cruises, what other type of travel allows you to visit different countries/destinations while only unpacking once?

However, many people will not consider an ocean cruise due to misconceptions they have about them. These are the typical reasons why travelers won’t give an ocean cruise any consideration.

1. Cruises are for old folks.

Perhaps in the earlier years of the cruising industry you would find mostly senior adults aboard a cruise. However, apart from some cruises that cater to senior adults, most cruise lines are very family-friendly. Therefore, you

will find passengers of all ages.

2. Cruise food is terrible.

One of the things many cruisers enjoy is the endless food found aboard. While some cruise lines do prepare better food than others, in general the vast culinary experience is nothing to balk about. Even the pickiest of eaters can find something they’ll enjoy aboard a cruise.

3. There isn’t enough to do on a cruise.

If you cannot find something to do aboard your cruise, then you must not be looking very hard! Whether you want to relax at the spa, enjoy some

sun by the pool, play trivia games, learn to dance, enjoy quality entertainment and much, much more, there is something going on throughout the entire day. You can stay as busy or be as relaxed as you want aboard an ocean cruise.

4. I don’t want to get seasick.

If you are prone to getting seasick, then yes, you may want to stay away from the smaller cruise ships. However, you are not as susceptible of feeling much movement on large cruise ships. Your stateroom location is very important if you are prone to getting seasick. So, be sure to talk with your travel advisor to help find the best location on board your ship that will help minimize the effects of motion sickness.

5. Too many people on a cruise.

There is no denying this, particularly when talking about the mega ships. However, the various cruise lines do a good job at keeping everyone entertained and moving around to minimize the feeling of being crowded. Your travel advisor can help find the right cruise ship if large crowds aren’t your thing.

6. Cruises are bad for the environment.

Cruises have received negative publicity over the years regarding pollution, destroying sea life, etc. However, cruise lines can no longer afford to ignore the environmental issues. From minimizing single use items such as straws and plastic bottles, to recycling, using natural fuels and other initiatives, the cruise lines are doing their part to help protect the environment.

7. Cruises are expensive.

There is a cruise for every budget. For those willing to go last minute and don’t care about the location of your stateroom, you can catch some great last minute deals. Like airlines and hotels, cruise lines want every stateroom sold. So, they will deeply discount any unsold rooms within a couple of weeks of sailing. While you might want a nice balcony room, but your budget says otherwise, consider an oceanview (with a window) or an interior stateroom (no window). Be up front with your travel advisor about your budget so he/she can help find the right cruise for you.

Most passengers who get past the misconceptions they have about cruises and sail on one will find they had a great time and are ready to sail

again. So, if you still have some reservations about ocean cruising, be sure to talk about it with your travel advisor. You might be surprised and ready to book immediately.


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