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2022 Memories & 2023 Goals

What a year 2022 was! So many memories and such a full heart from the year. I love to take the time to reflect on the past, and enter the new year with new dreams and goals. I think it's important to know where we were, and where we want to go.

In 2022 I:

  • Built relationships in my local community

  • Spent lots of time with family

  • Went to Disney World for 10 days

  • Worked with some really incredible families to plan their trips

  • began to dive into the "reel" world on instagram

  • started a newsletter for a local email newsletter

and so, so much more.

But of course, with the new year comes new goals and dreams.

Goals of growth filled with hope and excitement.

So for 2023 I look forward to:

  • growth on social media

  • helping even more families plan their trips

  • going on a vacation (maybe a cruise?)

  • expanding my business

What was your favorite memory of 2022? and what are you looking forward to in 2023?


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